Oceanica's Workflow & Tracking is the IT powerful tool which controls our logistic processes and enables the information that our customers require to follow their operations.

  • Customers have real-time access 24x365
  • We offer high-availability thanks to our last generation IT platform and IT staff
  • We enable a secure access for each customer (Login/Password) based on SSL Protocols that assure protection to sensible information.
  • We send email alerts and notifications through email that are triggers from our tool (Pre-Alerts and Arrival alerts, release and dispatch notifications and important comments)
  • We enable historic records and digital documents related to each service.
  • We enable a smart search feature based on key words that let our customers find out easily records (BL/AWB, Purchase Order, Invoice Number, Oceánica Ref, etc)
  • Also, our customers are able to make comments related to each service.  Those comments are received by our team and are stored with a seal (date/time/id customer)

To access to Oceanica's Workflow & Tracking please <<CLICK HERE>>